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Patty Crespo is AMAZING! She was persistent yet patient, and very responsive. She booked a cruise for myself and 7 of us and handled everything! Including handling the trip cancellation when my mother in law became ill. There was no stress involved because I knew Patty would help in any way. 3 weeks after we returned from our cruise, we were headed to Maui. Although we had not used Patty for these travel plans, I needed help with adding my wife's brother to our trip. I texted, yes TEXTED Patty 3 days before we were to leave and she handled everything. It was so comforting to know she was just a call/text away if I had questions, which I inevitably did. I will use her for all our travel needs in the future.

Marissa Y

We were mightily struggling with planning our trip abroad before we met Tara. After our first conversation and initial consultation with her, we were completely sold because she clearly knew what she was doing and genuinely listened to our preferences and needs. She's amazing at what she does!

She asked us a lot of questions to get a gist of what kind of travellers we are and what kinds of things we want to see/do. In turn, she created an incredible and well-rounded itinerary. We stayed in great, affordable hotels in different cities with enough time in each one. It felt like we got the most out of each city while seeing & doing as much as we could! The tours and activities that she picked for us were all so fun and interesting.

She is also a travel expert! She answered all of our questions on travel logistics, like getting a SIM card, how much money to have on hand, tips to protect your valuables, how much to tip, etc. (very practical tips that we didn't know as travel newbies.) She took care of everything, from booking the flights, hotels, and tours to arranging how we're getting from city-to-city.

This is what our trip looked like: Bangkok, Ayutthaya, Khao Yai, Sukhothai, N Chiang Mai, Old Town Chiang Mai, Krabi, PhiPhi Islands, Phuket. We got a good amount of city, history, island,and coast all in one trip.

Overall, we were extremely happy with how well our trip was planned, and look forward to working with Tara in the future.

Patrick O

Morgan Hill,CA

We recently returned from a 12 day trip to Europe (8/13-8/25) and Tara Gupta of Mundi travel planned our trip. We decided to employ the services of a travel agent because we were two couples living in different states who wanted to come together and travel together in Rome. It was going to be challenging to design a trip that would make everyone happy. Ultimately, we found Tara through the American Express Travel services under Italy “specialists”. Right away we knew that she was passionate …

Dan H.

Patty is awesome! We had an amazing time in Mexico thanks to her expert recommendation! don't normally use travel agents because I think I can do book most trip on my own using the Internet, but Patty managed to get my family and me and amazing deal on 8-day trip to Mexico. Everything was planned out for me so that i could completely relax and disconnect and not worry about incurring extra charges. It was one simple flat fee at a bargain rate! Thank you, Patty! You earned me as customer for life! Will definitely be booking a European vacation with you in the near feature!

Jorge M.

San Francisco, CA

Tara has been our travel agent for a number of years now, and has put together a handful of trips for us now. We continue to source her consultation services because she is not only an honest businesswoman, but the level of care she puts into each one of our travel itineraries is outstanding!

Our most recent trip was a 4 week trip to Europe. The trip went extremely well, and everything went very smoothly. The 1 hiccup we ran into involved the airline not displaying our flight tickets correctly, causing a lot of confusion even when we called their support number. Since they were not much help, we were able to reach Tara while we were still traveling in Germany. When Tara picked up the phone, she was not only excited to hear from us, but to see how the trip was going. When we presented our situation to her, she not only jumped on a call with the airline right away, but saw the whole thing through for us just to ensure we don't miss a flight due to the airline's mistake.

We look forward to continue using Tara's consultation services in the future. Thank you Tara!


San Francisco,CA

Born in India, Tara Gupta was great! She arranged all sorts of special things for me. I especially enjoyed meeting her cousin Veena who took me shopping and to dinner. We had a great time!

Cathryn Dippo

Patty was just fabulous with her assistance and expertise as we planned my solo trip to Italy this summer. Her concern and research in locating the best hotel rates, car services and train experiences was phenomenal. She continually supplied me with information and updates about my trip, as well as solidified information with me regarding a short tour I booked. Her attention to detail really saved me on several occasions. So yes I had a wonderful2 week in Italy and I thank Patty and Vacations by Design for making it happen! Highly recommended!

Leslie L

Walnut Creek,CA

Tara helped our company with a last-minute party that we put together for partners in Agra – and the event was terrific. Given our location in the US and our lack of familiarity with the area, we couldn’t have done it without Tara! She was very professional and followed-up throughout every stage of the event. I’d definitely recommend Tara!

Linda K.

5/17/2012 India by Design did a phenomenal job with my trip to Northern India. The office employees, drivers and guides took all worries away and were very professional, hands-on, attentive and caring. My entire trip was flawless proving that with the right company a trip to India (a country where anything can happen) can be fun, fascinating, safe and enjoyable. Congrats Tara and India by Design, you’ve got my business.

Dr. Hillel Kashtan, in Poquoson, VA

India by Design and Tara Gupta are absolutely the best! Tara guided my husband and I on a 15 day tour through amazing spots not only in India but Bhutan as well. Tara is an extremely knowledgeable tour guide and is able to describe in great detail the customs, culture and history behind the sites we saw. She also surrounded herself with expert staff and guides that made our trip exceptional. And I need to mention that she is fun to be around and has an excellent sense of humour. We got along fantastically well over this time and we were said to have to say goodbye. It is important to mention that my husband and I are both Deaf, so we required a little extra time and effort to make sure we understood everything. Tara did this without hesitation and always with a smile. If you are considering a trip with her team, you have our full 100% approval!

Marika from Utica, MI