Selling the Difference of Online versus the Offline Travel Purchase

You’ve been selling Travel since before the Internet! You’ve built clients for life! But now, you are losing a few of your clients to the Internet!

  • Do you hear “Can you beat this Internet fare?”
  • Do you come across people who think that Travel Consultants are/will be irrelevant to the Industry?
  • Do you feel the need to explain “I can get it cheaper over the Internet, why should I buy from you?”
  • Do you need to justify charging a service fee?

So, how do you deal with the above? What makes you stand out from the others? Why should a client buy from you and not from your competition or online?

In this session, Tara explores how our first interaction with prospective clients often gets in the way of making a sale and building clients for life! She discusses what today’s travelers expect from a F2F Travel Professional versus pre-Internet days. She explores ways in which we can proactively manage and exceed the expectations of the today’s traveler. In the age of the Internet where client loyalty is diminishing, the ultimate goal of this session is to help Travel Professionals become Travel Consultants who clients ask for by name.

Tara Gupta, President of Comprehensive Training Solutions’, vision is to constantly raise the bar of knowledge, skills and abilities of Travel professionals in a dynamically changing environment where prospective clients recognize the true value of their services. She believes that a Travel Professional works on behalf of the client and is responsible for the time and money the client invests on their vacation. As a trainer, Tara’s goal is to train Travel Professionals to build life long client relationships by providing them more fun, more knowledge, more skills, more abilities and more creativity in doing their jobs so they can exceed goals and WOW the customer at every interaction!