About Tara

With over 33 years of hands-on Travel Industry experience, Tara’s vision is to continuously raise the bar of knowledge, skills and abilities of Travel Professionals in a dynamically changing environment where prospective clients recognize the true value of their services!

Tara offers keynote speaking, training workshops and consulting services to travel professionals. What distinguishes her seminars is her focus on customized solutions which ensure that the skills taught in the classroom turn into habits that drive business results

Tara’s fast paced, informative and fun seminars are a raving success with the audience. As an expert of Travel Industry sales, Tara turns salespeople into prized consultants who clients ask for by name!

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Sample Topics

  • Charging a Consultation Fee – Using the 3-Step Travel Consulting MethodTM
  • Enhancing your Brand as a Consultant – Helping your Clients Buy from YOU
  • From Selling to Consulting Skills – Building your Clients for Life